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Mushroom Powder Specification

Mushroom Powder Specification

  • Certified Organic Mushroom Powder
  • Product type: 100% BIO certified according to DE-ÖKO-070
  • Production process: Ground Dried Mushrooms
  • Package: First Class
  • Nutri-Score: A
  • Moisture content <7%
  • European goods 125g / 300
  • RS-BIO-162

Every piece of our mushrooms is carefully hand-inspected against dirt and other biological and non-biological impurities. Free of worms and wormholes.

All our Organic Dried mushrooms are of the finest quality. We dry the first-class Boletus, Chanterelles, and Black Trumpet so that in the dried slices of these mushrooms and powders you feel the enchanting aroma and smells of true nature, untouched and clean, rich flavour with the most beautiful scents of wilderness.

High- quality product made of 100% pure forest mushrooms, packaged in the most advanced conditions and conform to all sanitary standards in equipment and maintenance.